Welcome to QRZbook. I’m Chris.

I first had the idea to design a site like this many years ago but life got in the way. I noticed there wasn’t a real-time interactive site dedicated to the amateur radio community that has a familiar layout, is totally ad free and without the tracking and profiling nonsense (and idiots) of Facebook.

QRZbook is totally funded by myself, for the benefit of the amateur community.

This site was designed and built by myself over several months, fueled by plenty of tea, coffee, Jack Daniels, biscuits and swearing.

I personally host and maintain the site on my own custom built server. 

I originally looked into the cost of hosting this site on a dedicated commercial server, but one with enough processing power from a UK company would be £180 per month. I then took the decision to design and build a server that would be as future proof as possible, plus hosting in-house means I have full control over all aspects of the day to day running.

We are fully EU GDPR compliant and all personal data is fully end to end encrypted.

The site is provided in a fully functional state. There are a few bugs i still need to iron out, but nothing detrimental to the running of the site, only the layout. Occasionally the site will be down for essential maintenance, but plenty of notice will be given in the forum section of the site. 

Ultimately, the continued growth of this site will depend on you, the user. Spread the word to your local club, friends and on the air whenever you get the chance. 

With that said, all that is left to say is I hope you enjoy your time here with us, help one and other and make new friends along the way…..BE KIND!

All the best, Chris.

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